How does a recession impact divorce and child support?

By Marvin Mendez, Divorce and Family Law Attorney With the looming recession, more and more clients are calling us concerned about what will happen if they or their former spouse loses their job in the next few months. While we’re hopeful that not as many people will face unemployment as…

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Determining Parentage in a Non-marriage Situation

By Evan Compton, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Ensuring you (and all of our clients) are confident in your custody and child support arrangement is one of the most important aspects of family law—and one of our biggest goals as a firm. For people who are raising a child with…

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How Do I Protect My Small Business in Divorce?

By Joshua E. Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Dividing assets is often one of the most complex parts of dissolving a marriage—and if you own a small business, protecting it in divorce is likely top of mind. Depending on when you created your business and how you run it,…

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What’s the Difference Between a Fiancé Visa and a Spousal Visa?

By Jason Shore, Immigration Law Attorney As an immigration attorney, nothing is more important to me than helping people live together with their loved ones safely and securely. That’s why I work so hard on every single family-based immigration petition—because you deserve to be with the people you love, without…

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Dividing Student Loans in Divorce

By Marvin Mendez, Divorce and Family Law Attorney While several of us have hoped for the nationwide cancellation of student loans, we realistically cannot count on any significant cancellation any time soon. And if you’re in the process of divorcing someone with significant student loan debt, it’s normal to be…

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