Marital Property and Retirement Accounts

Dividing retirement accounts in a divorce can be contentious and somewhat tricky. The source of the contention is obvious. One spouse may feel like he or she made significant personal sacrifices to accrue his or her savings and that the other spouse did not participate or help. On the flip-side,…

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Why Does Illinois Not Recognize Common Law Marriage?

If you live in Illinois state it is pretty likely you have no idea what a common law marriage is. Most states, including Illinois and except for 11 states give or take, don’t recognize common law marriage as legally binding in any form (with a few exceptions). So, what is…

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Stages Of Grief And Divorce

The loss of a marriage is traumatic. People going through a divorce experience a wide range of emotion, but a common underlying feeling is one of mourning. Mourning the loss of what the marriage was and what they hoped it would be. Spouses initiating the divorce often express the wish…

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I Want An Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

I am often told by potential clients that they need an aggressive divorce lawyer. Their spouse or ex is crazy, manipulative, narcissistic, and otherwise hungry for conflict. They cannot be reasoned with. They are looking for someone to fight back and stand up for them. They want to know if…

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Litigating After Mediation Fails

I am a vocal proponent of mediation. As a divorce lawyer and a child of divorce, I appreciate the need to avoid unnecessary conflict. Mediation can be messy and slow, but I’ve seen it work more often than not. However, there are times when mediation fails. It’s not the fault…

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