Negotiated Divorce Settlements

Oftentimes, even if a couple has failed to reach a divorce agreement, they still are willing to communicate to resolve the case. In this instance, it is common for the parties and their attorneys to meet for a settlement conference and attempt to resolve the terms of the divorce out of court. This is called a negotiated divorce settlement.

At Stern Perkoski Mendez in Evanston, Chicago and Lake Forest, we pride ourselves on our negotiating skills and understand your desire to avoid the courtroom. We encourage amicable resolutions and out-of-court divorce settlements whenever possible—and know that sometimes all that’s needed to settle a divorce is a more formal conference with the parties’ attorneys present.

What is a negotiated divorce settlement?

For a divorce in Evanston, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, negotiated settlements allow couples who have failed to reach an agreement—but are still willing to continue discussing their disagreements—to:

  • Avoid the costs and emotional demands of going to court (this is called divorce litigation)
  • Have their settlement confidential and remain out of the public record
  • Form creative solutions and apply non-traditional methods to their problems by avoiding a judge’s ruling

Advantages of Out-of-Court Divorce Settlements in Evanston and Chicago

To some extent, negotiation occurs in the vast majority of Illinois divorce cases. In fact, a small portion can be entirely negotiated out of court. When communication is not an issue, it’s common for the parties and their attorneys to meet for a settlement conference and attempt to resolve the case. Negotiated settlements are especially appealing to couples who have agreed upon many terms of their divorce.

In our experience, negotiated settlements may provide the parties with more flexibility as they are not limited to what their divorce attorneys can prove at trial. They are also not bound by what a judge may order under a strict application of Illinois’ statutes. Consequently, the parties and their divorce attorneys can form more flexible solutions to the couple’s problems. Issues such as child support and the division of debt and assets may be dealt with using non-traditional methods.

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