Divorce Litigation

Many different issues need to be resolved during a divorce, such as maintenance (alimony) and child support. Some issues can be addressed quickly and easily between partners. But if a case cannot be settled by agreement, the final step is to take the issue before a judge—this is called divorce litigation.

Here is a quick overview of the divorce litigation process in Illinois:

  • You or your partner file a request asking the court to resolve an issue.
  • Both of your lawyers will gather all the information necessary to settle the dispute, then present it before a judge.
  • The judge then rules and settles the issue with a decision, which is final unless one of you decides to go to a higher court and appeal that decision.

At Stern Perkoski Mendez in Evanston, Chicago, Lake Forest and Oak Brook, our goal is to amicably resolve as many issues in your divorce as possible. But we also recognize how important litigation can be when it comes to ensuring that any disputed issues are fully and properly resolved before the dissolution of the marriage. We will not only fight vigorously in court should your case require, but we are also committed to explaining the process every step of the way.

Divorce litigation can be stressful, costly and time-consuming. Stern Perkoski Mendez is dedicated to supporting you and providing clarity throughout the process.

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