Should I Return My Engagement Ring?

By Evan Compton Picture the movie breakup where the once soon-to-be-wife slowly and dramatically hands over the engagement ring, thus, dashing the dreams of happily-ever-after.  Except we all know real life rarely reflects the movies. In real life, whether it’s yourself or your ex, no one may think about the…

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Your Student’s Right to Special Education and Accommodation in Illinois

By Nancy Perkoski Depending on your child’s needs, he or she may have rights to special accommodations under Illinois Law. It’s always best to consult with a professional regarding your specific concerns. However, the below is a helpful guide and reference point for some of the available accommodations. Individual Education…

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How To Prepare For Divorce

By Joshua E. Stern Divorce is unique in that it is both a seismic life event and one that comes with few reference points. Many people do not personally know someone who has been divorced and never expected to be in the situation they now find themselves in. The internet…

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Introducing Stern Perkoski

We are excited to announce that, as of February 1, 2020, the Law Offices of Joshua E. Stern and The Law Offices of Nancy Stingle Perkoski have merged to form Stern Perkoski. This partnership will allow us to more fully address the needs of our clients as we broaden our…

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Marital Property and Retirement Accounts

Dividing retirement accounts in a divorce can be contentious and somewhat tricky. The source of the contention is obvious. One spouse may feel like he or she made significant personal sacrifices to accrue his or her savings and that the other spouse did not participate or help. On the flip-side,…

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