Can you Receive Child Support for a Disabled Non-Minor Child?

Caring for a child with a disability presents unique challenges and expenses. Many of our clients with disabled children worry that when their child turns 18 (legal adulthood in Illinois), they as the parent will become solely responsible for all costs and expenses. Because child support typically ends at age…

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Ways to Support Your Child During Divorce

While you may experience a flood of emotions throughout a divorce, it’s important to create a stable, healthy environment for your kid(s). No matter how much you love your child and put their well-being first, we understand this can still be overwhelming to navigate. We’ve created a list below to…

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Applying for Asylum in the United States

Every year, thousands of people who are facing persecution—or are living in fear of persecution or torture—flee their countries to the United States in hopes of gaining asylum. The asylum process is complex and there are variables that determine your unique options. I’ve laid out the initial steps below—but more…

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Evan Compton Celebrates Five Years at Stern Perkoski Mendez

For five years, Evan Compton has been an invaluable member of our team. With an exclusive focus on divorce and family law, Evan helps dozens of individuals who are experiencing divorce reach optimal resolutions—and always with compassion. Evan was also named a Super Lawyer Rising Star for the second year…

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Dividing Restricted Stock Units in Divorce

Other than determining child custody and support, dividing assets is the most critical component of nearly every divorce. It all comes down to a central question: what did you acquire or earn during marriage, and how do we break it up? Marital assets such as a house or consistent salary may…

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