Transmutation of Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce

By Joshua Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney There is an adage that tells us it’s not what we earn that matters, it’s what we save. Unfortunately, in the world of divorce, the adage gets a bit more complicated. It’s not what you earn that matters, it’s how you save….

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Does Child Support Cover School Fees?

By Joshua Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney With back-to-school season in full swing, I’ve had many parents asking if child support can cover school fees. While it technically can cover school fees, this is typically not the best use of child support money—and here’s why. What does child support…

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Different Ways to Handle Parenting Time During a Divorce

By Joshua Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney When I work with clients who have a child or children, nothing is more important than honoring the best interest of the child. One of the first questions divorcing parents typically ask me is how they will decide custody. What used to…

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Get to Know Marvin Mendez

Marvin Mendez joined Stern Perkoski Mendez as a partner in 2020 and practices divorce and family law. Marvin’s understanding of complex financial and emotional matters, as well as his meticulous problem-solving techniques, make him an asset to our firm—and to every client he works with. Get to know more about…

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Evan Compton Celebrates Three Years at Stern Perkoski Mendez

Divorce and family law attorney Evan Compton is celebrating three years at Stern Perkoski Mendez. We asked Evan what these past three years have been like—and here are Evan’s reflections on his career thus far at Stern Perkoski Mendez: Q: What have these first three years at Stern Perkoski Mendez…

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