Who Gets to Keep the Pets after Divorce?

By Martin Sliwinski Last year, I was connecting with a newfound law school graduate who had just been hired. He was telling me about his first project as a lawyer in the divorce field. His assignment was conceptually straightforward. It was to prepare a visitation schedule and allocation judgment for…

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Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

By Nancy Stingle Perkoski Most people believe there is no escaping a costly contentious divorce. There is an alternative. A collaborative divorce is a method of obtaining a divorce that allows both parties to negotiate all of the terms of a financial settlement and a parenting settlement without the need…

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Do Children Have A Say In Parenting Schedules?

By Evan Compton Parents want their children to feel empowered to make decisions and to feel autonomous in their lives.  So when two parents are divorcing, it should be a no-brainer that the child should have a say in who they spend more time with, right?  Well, the answer to…

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What Role Do Divorce Lawyers Play In Mediation?

By Joshua E. Stern I’m a big believer in mediation for divorce and family law issues. When mediation works, the benefits are readily apparent. Mediation is confidential, non-evidentiary, and has the potential to reduce conflict in a divorce. It helps families transition into new relationships in a safe and collaborative…

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