Our Family Wizard

By Joshua E. Stern I don’t do a lot of product promotion on this site (and I never will) because family law is an inherently personal practice area.  People feel vulnerable and the legal process can overwhelm them at times.  The last thing anyone needs is a suggestion that he…

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Companion Post to Chicago Family LawCast on Financial Disclosures

By Joshua E. Stern I recommend anyone reading this post to listen to the Chicago Family LawCast installment on financial disclosures. This is more of a supplement. In Cook County, Illinois, financial disclosures are governed by Cook County Rules 13.3.1 and 13.3.2.  Your family law attorney will know them well.  In…

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Petition To Cancel A Reservation

By Joshua E. Stern This one topic isn’t especially exciting, but it’s ALL CAPS important.  It’s not uncommon for a final family law judgment to leave at least a few issues unresolved.  In divorces, it could be issues of maintenance or a contribution to the minor child’s college expenses. In…

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What Does An Evanston Divorce Look Like?

By Joshua E. Stern It’s an interesting question: What does a typical Evanston divorce look like?  I think the answer is important for at least two reasons.   First, I am frequently asked whether a particular case is common.  I’ve worked with many clients who are the first in their family…

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What To Know Before Meeting With A Family Law Attorney

By Joshua E. Stern Most clients like to meet with their prospective attorney before they hire him or her.  This initial meeting gives the client a chance to learn more about the attorney’s practice, as well as get a feel for that particular attorney’s style.  This meeting is especially important…

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