Stern Perkoski Mendez Celebrates Pride

At Stern Perkoski Mendez, we’re proud to represent LGBTQ+ people seeking divorce and other family law services—both during Pride Month, and every month of the year. We’re committed to creating a safe, welcoming and affirming atmosphere for all of our clients. To improve the services we offer LGBTQ+ people, we…

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How Does My Spouse Cheating On Me Affect My Divorce?

By Martin Sliwinski, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Despite the emotional turmoil and the profound betrayal associated with a spouse cheating on another spouse, Illinois law does not consider cheating as grounds for divorce. Infidelity cannot be used as a factor in the calculation of maintenance (formerly known as spousal…

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Get to Know Martin Sliwinski

Martin Sliwinski joined Stern Perkoski Mendez as an Associate Attorney in 2020 and practices exclusively in divorce and family law. He comes to Stern Perkoski Mendez with rich experience in high-conflict cases, as well as complex financial analysis. But what really draws him to family law is the opportunity for…

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How do I fill out a financial affidavit properly?

By Evan Compton, Divorce and Family Law Attorney In nearly every domestic relations case that involves financials, one form exists to rule them all: the financial affidavit. Maybe your attorney has just handed this blank document to you, or the Judge has just ordered the parties to complete them. Either…

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