Divorce Humor… Anyone?…Anyone?

There is a cottage industry of divorce humor websites, books, etc. that appeal to the recently divorced or separated. That’s wonderful. Laughter can be so cathartic and most people don’t want to read another “optimized blog post” full of advice on how to hire a lawyer or what the collaborative…

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Estate Planning For Blended Families Is A Big Deal

I am going to guess that most people reading this post have no clue that I contribute to the very excellent Support For Stepdads blog. I do and have contributed a few posts thus far. I just received word that my most recent post about estate planning for blended families was…

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Does Distance Matter When Removing A Child?

Removal is an interesting topic because there is occasionally a dissonance between how the court views the subject and how the parents view the subject. The court will typically consider five factors when discussing removal: (1) the likelihood that the move would enhance the general quality of life for the residential parent and child; (2) the…

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The Science Behind Breaking Up

I’m not sure why I gave such an interesting post such a boring title, but that’s what this is about. Specifically, the University of California found that people experience a pain following a breakup that is remarkably similar to the pain they would feel if they experienced severe physical harm,…

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