Getting Schooled


If you live in the northern suburbs and are considering a divorce, have gone through a divorce, or have been affected by a divorce, odds are you are familiar with the Lilac Tree. The Lilac Tree is a not-for-profit that provides information, resources, and the like to women who are dealing with divorce. It’s a fantastic resource and if you are a woman in need of support and information, please contact the Lilac Tree.

Twice per year the Lilac Tree puts together an all day event called Divorce University. In the Lilac Tree’s own words, Divorce University is “a one day conference designed to educate you on the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce. During the day you will interact with a judge, lawyers, mediators, collaborative attorneys, financial planners, therapists for children and adults and more, all of whom specialize in family law and divorce. And you will hear from divorced women who’ve moved on to independent new lives.” That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

As anyone who has ever talked to me knows, I am a STRONG believer in demystifying the legal process and giving clients information about their case. Information about the law should be free. The Lilac Tree is as close to free as I can think of. I’ve only known them to provide the best guidance, support, and information.

If you are a woman considering divorce, or dealing with the affects of divorce, go to Divorce University. Just try to hide your disappointment when they tell you I won’t be one of the guest speakers.

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