Divorce Humor… Anyone?…Anyone?


There is a cottage industry of divorce humor websites, books, etc. that appeal to the recently divorced or separated. That’s wonderful. Laughter can be so cathartic and most people don’t want to read another “optimized blog post” full of advice on how to hire a lawyer or what the collaborative law process is. The internet is saturated with that sort of info and it is as generic as it is boring.

I came across a website today that I think deserves some hype (let’s assume that a blog post on a divorce lawyer’s website constitutes hype, just for my sake). It’s called Everyone Gets Divorced and it’s pretty funny. Not funny in that broad, everyone gets to crack a smile, Billy-Crystal-hosting-the-Oscars sort of way, but actually, objectively clever. They also aren’t afraid to address leprechaun divorce, which is still sort of taboo in the family law industry.

Anyway, check them out, even if you aren’t divorced. It’s worth reading.

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