D U Want To Learn About Family Law?

Divorce University is a bi-annual seminar hosted and produced by the Lilac Tree. The event is produced for women in all stages of the dissolution process and will cover a broad swatch of issues. I am a big fan of the Lilac Tree and cannot say enough good things about…

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Help! I Need A Cook County Attorney But Live Out Of State!

People move. They move homes, apartments, and every now and then, they move out of state. Unfortunately, they don’t always move their family law case with them. Sometimes cases begin, or continue, after one party has left the state. In those situations, the out-of-state party needs to hire an Illinois…

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Can A Child Hire An Attorney In A Divorce?

“Can a child hire an attorney in a divorce” is a surprisingly common question. If you imagine a young child interviewing various attorneys in one-on-one meetings, your imagination has led you astray. While a child may be represented in a divorce, he or she will almost certainly not do the…

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When Failure To Allow Parenting Time Isn’t Indirect Contempt

That’s not one of my catchier titles, but it’s apt for this post. Parenting time (also known as visitation) is time a parent spends with his or her child. We often don’t think about parenting time during a marriage or committed relationship because it occurs so regularly and so freely,…

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Thank You Hip Hop Law!

The fine people at Hip Hop Law have put up my Kanye West Child Support blog post. You can find their blog post here. It’s a great site and is definitely worth reading. Representations of the legal system in popular culture help educate, inform, or miseducate us all. How many people…

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