Our Family Wizard


By Joshua E. Stern

I don’t do a lot of product promotion on this site (and I never will) because family law is an inherently personal practice area.  People feel vulnerable and the legal process can overwhelm them at times.  The last thing anyone needs is a suggestion that he or she buy something or subscribe to a service.

Our Family Wizard is such a good service that it deserves an exception.  Our Family Wizard is a service that allows two parents to communicate about custody and parenting time issues online.  It includes a calendar for simplified planning, a log of all communications between the parents, an expense log for children’s expenses, and other organizational tools that make co-parenting between two households that much easier.  Also, it allows for the addition of a third-party professional account to oversee all communications.  This is especially useful when a guardian ad litem, child rep., or mental health professional is involved in a case.

Perhaps more importantly, I’ve used it in a few difficult custody cases and it helped clean up the record.  It all but stamped out he-said/she-said disputes.

Custody and Communication Made Easy. – The OurFamilyWizard® website
Co-parenting and shared/joint child custody management for divorced or unmarried parents. Parenting time, visitation schedules, activities, expenses, messaging, journals and more.

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