Does Distance Matter When Removing A Child?

Removal is an interesting topic because there is occasionally a dissonance between how the court views the subject and how the parents view the subject. The court will typically consider five factors when discussing removal: (1) the likelihood that the move would enhance the general quality of life for the residential parent and child; (2) the…

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The Science Behind Breaking Up

I’m not sure why I gave such an interesting post such a boring title, but that’s what this is about. Specifically, the University of California found that people experience a pain following a breakup that is remarkably similar to the pain they would feel if they experienced severe physical harm,…

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What’s Wrong With A Flat Fee Divorce?

? Why Hourly Attorneys Are Better For Clients This post was originally published in 2013. The below is an updated post. Over the past few years, my thoughts on the matter have evolved and an update to this post has been long overdue. I am often asked “how much does…

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The Cost Of Unpaid Child Support

Every family law attorney knows that child support collections remain a serious issue in this country. Many families are dependent upon child support to get by, and without regular contributions from the non-custodial parent, those families wind up on public assistance. It’s great that we have that social safety net…

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Dealing With Anger During A Divorce

If you’re interested in the personal side of divorce, check out Postcards From A Peaceful Divorce. It’s a wonderful and insightful blog written by a a divorced mother. The author, Molly Monet, wrote a great post about coping with betrayal and emotional pain. While her post discusses the subject in…

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