Can I Make My Parents Pay For My College?

The short answer is no. There are laws that require divorced parents to contribute to a child’s college tuition expenses, but that doesn’t mean that a child can sue his or her parents to pay. There are no laws that require married parents (those without a case in domestic relations…

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Do Divorced Parents Have To Pay For College Tuition?

Do divorced parents have to contribute to their children’s college tuition and fees? The short answer is usually. 750 ILCS 5/513, entitled “Educational Expenses For A Non-Minor Child” permits courts to order parents to contribute. In most instances, the domestic relations court will order some contribution from each parent. Fortunately,…

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How to Minimize the Effects of Divorce on Children

While no couple enters into marriage expecting it to end in divorce, 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, and 48 percent of first marriages end in divorce within twenty years. Despite its commonality, divorce is an emotionally charged process for the entire family. Unlike adults,…

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Should I Go To Mediation?

I Lose Money Every Time I Send A Case To Mediation. Here’s Why I Keep Doing It. My office does not offer mediation. While I often help clients negotiate their cases from start to finish, I frequently encourage many clients to attend mediation. Simply put, this is work that I…

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