Child Endangerment: You Don’t Have to Face it Alone

Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. When a child is involved, the process can be even more emotionally taxing, as many of the issues in a divorce affect the entire family, children included. A parent’s great joy is their child, and their worst nightmare is their child’s…

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Do I Need Discernment Counseling?

By Joshua E. Stern, Principal and Managing Partner, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Frequently, new clients reach out to me with the same question: how do I tell my spouse that I want a divorce? If your spouse isn’t aware you’re unhappy with your marriage, bringing up such a big…

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Navigating the Holiday Season as a Divorced Parent

By Amy Silberstein, Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Partner If you’re recently divorced or going through the process right now, the holiday season can bring up all sorts of challenges and emotions. Adjusting to new traditions and spending less time with your children during this season is never easy. But…

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5 Tips for Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent

By Evan Compton, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Your relationship and ability to interact amicably with your former spouse is one of the greatest indicators of how your divorce case will unfold. Unfortunately, many of our clients at Stern Perkoski Mendez face conflict with their spouse during and after divorce—especially…

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Can My Spouse Cut Me Off Financially During Divorce?

By Joshua E. Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Getting divorced is an emotional experience and tends to be stressful for everyone involved. Unfortunately, in some of the worst cases, this tension can lead to emotional or financial retribution. Our team has seen cases where one spouse attempts to control…

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