Navigating the Holiday Season as a Divorced Parent

By Amy Silberstein, Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Partner If you’re recently divorced or going through the process right now, the holiday season can bring up all sorts of challenges and emotions. Adjusting to new traditions and spending less time with your children during this season is never easy. But…

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Will My Mental Health Impact My Divorce and Parenting Time?

By Amy Silberstein, Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Partner As a divorce and family law attorney, I know that clients come to me during some of the most difficult times of their lives. Many of my clients live with challenging mental health conditions—and they parent exceptionally while doing so. Unfortunately,…

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How to Decide Summertime Parenting Schedules

By Joshua E. Stern, Divorce and Family Law Attorney After the school year winds to a close for families across Chicago and the suburbs, our team sees countless parents performing balancing acts: trying to maintain work schedules, spend time with their kids, ensure the kids have a fun summer, and…

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The Trend Away from the “Every Other Weekend” Parent

By Amy Silberstein, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Traditionally, when two parents got a divorce or were never married, and one parent had less parenting time than the other, the parent with the lesser amount of parenting time only was awarded every other weekend, sometimes with a weeknight overnight or…

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