Joshua E. Stern Speaks to Yahoo Life on State-Mandated Parenting Classes


At Stern Perkoski Mendez, we believe that nothing is more important than protecting your children during divorce. Most people agree with us—which is why 16 states, including Illinois, require a parenting class for all divorcing parents.

But state-mandated classes aren’t the best nor only way to support your children. Principal and managing partner Joshua E. Stern recently shared his thoughts on the topic with Yahoo Life.

While the Illinois parenting classes can be helpful, there are other ways that you can and should be supporting your kids during separation and divorce:

  • Going to discernment counseling with your spouse so that if divorce is the right option, you approach it compassionately and as a team.
  • Attending therapy as well as taking care of your mental and physical health so that you can parent your children in an emotionally intelligent, supportive manner.
  • Approaching parenting time decisions collaboratively with your child’s best interest at heart, being willing to make compromises along the way.

When you work with our Chicago divorce lawyers, we focus on your whole family—providing guidance every step of the way, and creating space for you to make the best decisions possible for your children. State-mandated parenting classes are part of the equation, and we support you as you navigate how every piece adds up.

If you’re looking for an Illinois divorce attorney with expertise in parenting time and child support, contact our family law firm today. We have offices across the greater Chicago area and will gladly meet with you where it’s most convenient.

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