Thank You Hip Hop Law!


The fine people at Hip Hop Law have put up my Kanye West Child Support blog post. You can find their blog post here. It’s a great site and is definitely worth reading. Representations of the legal system in popular culture help educate, inform, or miseducate us all. How many people learned about the need for probable cause to search a car’s trunk for Jay-Z? How many people have been brought up to speed on the foreclosure criss from the Daily Show? There is immense opportunity in these venues.

On the other hand, misinformation can be especially corrosive when packaged in song, television, or movies. To that extent, the misinformation is lent credence by the artist’s name and popularity by the marketability of the work. It can spread like wildfire.

Hiphop has a long history of discussing legal and social issues. Obviously the majority of that discussion has been focused on the criminal justice system, but there are occasional forays into family law. I hope to explore that more in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the great work at Hip Hop Law.

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