Get to Know Jason Shore


Last week, we welcomed Jason Shore to our team as partner. An experienced divorce, family and immigration law attorney, Jason brings a passion for supporting families and children during challenging times in their lives. As a father himself and guardian ad litem for the Court, he understands just how difficult these delicate legal situations can be.

Join us in getting to know Jason better—and learn how he turns his passion into advocacy for his clients.

Q: In which areas of family and immigration law do you specialize?

Jason: While I’m familiar with the whole array of family law services that Stern Perkoski Mendez offers, I have a particular focus on cases that deal with children and parentage.

As the parent of a three-year-old, I’m honored to handle these cases and support parents along the way. Being a dad is the best thing that’s ever happened to me—and I know each parent I work with feels the same. I take being an attorney for parents so seriously because I know how much my advocacy impacts their lives.

In immigration law, I’m often working with parents who are trying to ensure they can safely stay together with their children. I know that the current system is broken, and it’s no better now than when I began practicing law.

I remember hearing stories of my great-grandparents emigrating through Ellis Island, and how they were able to arrive and build a life here. In my work as an immigration attorney, I witness people who have sacrificed everything to live here with their kids. They want their family to be together and to know that they’re safe—and there is no greater joy than helping a family reunite without fear of separation or deportation.

Q: What inspired you to become a family and immigration attorney?

Jason: I always wanted to help improve people’s lives. Both of my parents are marital social workers, so I learned a lot growing up about how complex marriage could be. I loved how my parents helped people, and I wanted to advocate for families, too. That’s what led me to both family law and immigration law.

I still draw inspiration from my parents—because when clients come to me for a divorce case, they’re frequently facing some of the most difficult challenges of their lives. I try to provide the same empathy and understanding that my parents offer as social workers.

I focus on immigration as well because I’ve seen people who are suffering due to our immigration system. People want to feel safe and live together with their families, and they often make incredibly tough decisions to do so. I want to see more unified families, and that’s why I work as an immigration lawyer.

Q: Are there any cases that have stood out to you?

Jason: Family law trials stand out to me because I know how tough they can be on families. I’m always amazed by how hard parents work to get the best possible outcome for their children. I love seeing the joy on their faces when we’re able to make that happen.

Similarly, it’s incredible to see the joy that my immigration clients have when their case is successful. My clients have often entered the United States without documents—and have to travel to Ciudad Juarez, reenter and follow the path to become a permanent resident. I’ve won every single one of these cases, and the happiness and relief my clients feel always stands out to me.

Q: What is something you want your clients to know?

Jason: I want each of my clients to know that I address their case personally, and my approach is completely tailored to them as an individual. My goals are to help clients save money, avoid unnecessary pain and make sure they understand every step of the process.

One of my biggest strengths as an attorney is how well and how frequently I communicate with my clients. I’ll always stay in touch with you and provide updates, and I’m always available in case of emergencies.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about joining Stern Perkoski Mendez?

Jason: I’m most excited to work with the other divorce and family law attorneys on the team. I know how much experience and diversity they have, and I know that we’ll all be able to learn from one another. I’m also looking forward to introducing immigration law to the firm and integrating family and immigration law.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

Jason: If I’m not working, I’m usually with my family. I love spending time with my daughter, and it’s so important to me to be a good role model to her. When I get the chance, I also like to snowboard, play tennis and play chess.

Jason Shore is accepting new divorce, family and immigration clients at his office in Oak Brook, and he offers services to clients across Cook and DuPage counties. If you’d like to work with Jason, request a free consultation or call us at (847) 868-9584.

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