Get To Know Evan Compton


Evan Compton joined Stern Perkoski Mendez in 2018 and exclusively practices in divorce and domestic relations.

Evan has been interested in family law since his first days of law school. Prior to joining the firm, Evan worked at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, where he assisted in investigation of child abuse and child welfare cases.

However, attorneys are more than their experience. Let’s get to know Evan better.

Q: What do you do at the office?

Evan: I’m an associate attorney, so my days include a lot of drafting and talking to clients. I like to check in on my clients and see if there’s anything I can do to help.  It’s important to me that our clients know I’m always here to help.

Q: Why do you want to practice family law?

Evan: I wanted to practice family law so I could do adoption law. Adoption law is a bit more niche, so I started to explore the general field and family law and decided I enjoyed the client interaction aspect and fully embraced it.

Q: What is something you want your clients to know?

Evan: I want clients to know that I truly care about the outcome of their case. I realize that my actions have a huge impact on their personal lives and the importance in every decision made in their case.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the firm?

Evan: I like the atmosphere. We really operate as a team and support one another. It’s great for attorneys and also great for our clients. We are always talking about case strategy and ways we can assist our clients. It’s a really warm and friendly environment that also helps us win cases.

Q: Have you read anything you liked lately?

Evan: Right now I’m reading a lot of fantasy baseball blogs. I’m a huge a fantasy baseball junkie, but I am on the hunt for a new novel to start.

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