Evan Compton Celebrates Three Years at Stern Perkoski Mendez


Divorce and family law attorney Evan Compton is celebrating three years at Stern Perkoski Mendez. We asked Evan what these past three years have been like—and here are Evan’s reflections on his career thus far at Stern Perkoski Mendez:

Q: What have these first three years at Stern Perkoski Mendez been like for you?

Evan: It has been an incredible learning experience—and as the years progress, I’ve gained more independence and confidence in the way I practice law.

At the beginning, I was grateful for the mentorship and training I received from the partners. Now, I’m grateful for the trust and rapid growth that have allowed me to come into my own style of practicing law and handling cases.

In my first few years here, I’ve seen just how unique Stern Perkoski Mendez is. We are unlike other law firms because of our devotion to our clients; our commitment to ensuring clients understand every aspect of their case; and our transparency in billing. Our clients know that we are their biggest advocate. I feel very grateful to be a part of this team.

Q: What have you learned in the past three years in this position?

Evan: The biggest learning experience for me has been finding my identity and values as an attorney. Under the guidance of Josh, Nancy and Marvin Mendez, I’ve learned how I want to practice family law.

As an attorney, I always want to be thorough and honest, and work in partnership with my clients towards the best outcome possible. I’ve learned it’s critical to be incredibly detail-oriented. No matter the situation, I always come exceptionally prepared by knowing the law and my argument back and forth. Even if we lose, I always know I made my very best effort.

Q: Are there any cases or experiences that have most stood out to you?

Evan: Every case is so unique that they all stand out, and I find that every client is different than the last. Even if cases have similar situations and facts, each person makes it compelling and fresh. You have different people with different personalities who will react differently, and there’s always a new outcome possible.

Ultimately, I know the law, and I know how to apply it. But you and your spouse are the only people who know what’s best for your children. As your attorney, I’ll do everything possible to find a solution that honors what is best for them.

Q: What originally inspired you to become a divorce and family law attorney?

Evan: From the beginning, I wanted to do adoption law—which falls under the blanket of family law. I didn’t set out to do divorce law, but I really liked the idea of working directly with people and supporting them during a challenging legal process.

Divorce law is different from past experiences I’ve had, like working at a personal injury firm. Divorce and family law deal with very personal issues, and this is something I’ve grown to really care about. I like working with clients on a personal level to get the best results from difficult situations.

Q: What is something you want to make sure your clients know?

Evan: It’s always been important to me that clients know that I genuinely care about their case and how it impacts their lives. I believe that the most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship is trust. So often, we ask clients to take a leap of faith and trust that we are advising them of the very best option. We understand that our decisions can impact every aspect of their lives.

In cases where there’s high conflict, I also recognize that clients will be asked to testify about or discuss very personal matters. And clients are always balancing challenging emotional situations—I want to be here to support them. Anyone can quote the law to clients, but what matters to me is having relationships. I want them to know that as their attorney, I am carefully considering other parts of their lives and discerning how these legal decisions will impact them.

Q: How has life changed for you personally since you started at Stern Perkoski Mendez?

Evan: Since starting at Stern Perkoski Mendez, I’ve gotten married, moved and learned how to live in a pandemic. For the past year, my wife and I spent a lot of time together cooking, going on walks to explore new parts of the city, and seeing our close friends outdoors when possible.

With so much uncertainty and so many limitations this past year, I’ve become more intentional with enjoying my time outside of work, too—and committing to recharging myself in restorative ways.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future, both personally and professionally?

Evan: It just feels great to be able to look forward to things again! During the pandemic, it was hard to think too far into the future. Right now, I’m appreciating all the things we’re able to do safely again, and feeling very lucky that my family and I got through the pandemic unscathed and are now vaccinated.

I’m excited to enjoy all the things we couldn’t during the pandemic, and I’m hopeful that my wife and I will be able to take our honeymoon to Italy, which was originally planned for May 2020. I’m also looking forward to learning and growing as an attorney—but right now, I’m focusing on appreciating life as it comes back.

Evan Compton practices divorce law, family law and adoption law at Stern Perkoski Mendez’s locations in Evanston, Chicago, Lake Forest and Oak Brook. He can be reached at or (847) 868-9584.

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