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How Long Will Zoom Court Last in Illinois?

By Martin Sliwinski, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Most non-hearing and non-trial family court dates in Illinois are still currently taking place on Zoom. This helps eliminate difficulties of having to drive to the courthouse or arrange for childcare. For these reasons and more, Zoom makes it easier for a…

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What’s a Financial Affidavit and How Do I Make Sure Mine is Accurate?

By Matthew Bayens, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Dividing your finances and assessing your financial responsibilities during divorce can be stressful. We do so based on financial affidavits from both you and your spouse, but these forms themselves are quite complex. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process, family law…

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I Found a Divorce Attorney. Now What?

By Marvin Mendez, Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Principal After you find a divorce lawyer who aligns with your values, breathe a sigh of relief! Congratulate yourself for taking the first challenging step. You now have a professional on your team who can walk you through every step of the…

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Abuse of Parenting Time

By Joshua E. Stern, Principal and Managing Partner, Divorce and Family Law Attorney Parenting time is one of the most, if not the most, important decisions you’ll make during the divorce process. At Stern Perkoski Mendez, we focus on creating a plan that works well for you and your child….

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