Child Support

Can you Receive Child Support for a Disabled Non-Minor Child?

Caring for a child with a disability presents unique challenges and expenses. Many of our clients with disabled children worry that when their child turns 18 (legal adulthood in Illinois), they as the parent will become solely responsible for all costs and expenses. Because child support typically ends at age…

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Ways to Support Your Child During Divorce

While you may experience a flood of emotions throughout a divorce, it’s important to create a stable, healthy environment for your kid(s). No matter how much you love your child and put their well-being first, we understand this can still be overwhelming to navigate. We’ve created a list below to…

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Joshua E. Stern Speaks to Yahoo Life on State-Mandated Parenting Classes

At Stern Perkoski Mendez, we believe that nothing is more important than protecting your children during divorce. Most people agree with us—which is why 16 states, including Illinois, require a parenting class for all divorcing parents. But state-mandated classes aren’t the best nor only way to support your children. Principal…

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Child Endangerment: You Don’t Have to Face it Alone

Getting a divorce is a difficult and emotional process. When a child is involved, the process can be even more emotionally taxing, as many of the issues in a divorce affect the entire family, children included. A parent’s great joy is their child, and their worst nightmare is their child’s…

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