Amy Silberstein Reflects on Her Path to Partner at Stern Perkoski Mendez


Last week, we announced that Amy Silberstein has been promoted to Partner at Stern Perkoski Mendez! Our entire team is grateful for Amy’s dedication over the past five and a half years—and we’re excited for what’s next. Join us in reflecting on Amy’s time as a divorce and family law attorney at our firm in this interview.

Q: What have the first 5 years at Stern Perkoski Mendez been like for you?

Amy: There has been so much change and growth over the past five and a half years! It’s exciting to reflect not just on the ways in which I’ve grown, but also the ways in which the firm has grown. When I started here in August 2016, I was the first and only associate. It was a unique experience to be so hands-on with every case as a new attorney. As the firm grows, I continue to stay heavily involved in each case that I am assigned to or am working on, and I also enjoy being able to collaborate with my coworkers an increasing amount as well.

Q: What have you learned since joining Stern Perkoski Mendez?

Amy: While I’ve certainly learned a lot about divorce and family law, the most important thing I’ve learned is how best to support my clients. Each client has unique circumstances and needs—but almost everyone is going through a challenging and emotional time in their lives. For every client, I tailor my services and support to their personal situation. Some clients benefit from knowing as many details as possible, while others prefer to hear just the essentials.

Divorce is so new for most of my clients, but I have the experience of working with divorcing couples every day. This allows me to adapt my support to benefit each person. For example, if one of my clients is having a particularly hard day, I’m more than happy to talk with them on the phone and discuss their case—but I’ll also send all crucial information in a follow-up email for them to reference at a later time.

Q: What experiences have been most valuable in your professional growth?

Amy: One of the most valuable experiences has been the mentorship I’ve received from attorneys who have been practicing longer than me. More experienced attorneys have been so generous in teaching me more about divorce and family law, so that I am constantly becoming a better lawyer for my clients. They inspire me to be just as generous with my time and knowledge, and I’m excited to do so as I move into my role as Partner.

Q: What originally inspired you to become a divorce and family law attorney?

Amy: For me, it has always been primarily about helping and supporting kids. My parents got divorced when I was younger, and they did a really good job of keeping my sister and me out of the process. It was always (and still is!) amicable between them. I hope to support other families in having an amicable divorce and keeping kids healthy and happy.

Q: What is something you want to make sure your clients know?

Amy: I want my clients to know that the divorce process is only temporary. Often when you’re in the midst of it, it feels as if it will drag on forever. Whether it takes two months or two years, I try to help clients remember that the divorce process will end. And usually, things begin to get better after their marriage is officially dissolved and they are out of court.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future, both personally and professionally?

Amy: Stern Perkoski Mendez has brought so much stability and joy to my life, and I love living and working in Chicago. I’m excited to grow in my practice and to see the firm’s continued growth. We’re continuously changing and expanding, and I’m grateful to be part of it. Personally, I’m excited to travel, to spend time with family and friends, and to continue enjoying living in the city.

Amy is accepting new clients for divorce and family law, with appointments available at our North Shore offices in Evanston and Lake Forest or at our downtown Chicago location! Contact us to request a free consultation with Amy or call us at (847) 868-9584.

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